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With the upgrading of the rolling technology and rolling mills, higher quality requirements for rolled products, and application of semi-high-speed steel & high-speed steel work rolls(intermediate rolls), the demands for rolling performance of backup rolls become more rigorous. In this paper, th
If the strengthener's main-cylinder is plunger cylinder or piston cylinder, the adjustment range of the press and stroke is limited,the function of main-cylinder is single, and it doesn't have the function of buffer. China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co.,Ltd. has researched compound
Hydrostatic bearing is the most direct component in rolling mill roll to bear radial load.Transient response analysis of roll hydrostatic bearing is the key link in rolling mill design, which dynamic characteristics directly affect the production efficiency and rolling accuracy of rolling mill.On th
IF steel is widely used in automobile industry. In hot rolling production of IF steel, edge seam defects often occur, which seriously affects product quality and yield. In order to determine the specific control measures, it is necessary to clarify the mechanism of edge seam defects of IF steel. In
In this paper, it takes the girder composite material of wind turbine blade as the research object,lamination defect is developed by uniaxial tensile test and acoustic emission technique evolution. The wavelet packet decomposition of the acoustic emission signals generated by the layered defect com
The abnormal heating problem of high-power doubly-fed wind turbines is one of the main causes of the failure of wind turbines. Based on the single-cycle cooling structure of a high-power doubly-fed generator, the velocity field, pressure field distribution and cooling medium flow state of its intern
In this paper, the calculation method of radiated noise of rolling bearing is studied. The problem of the bearing source boundary point method in the calculation of bearing radiation noise is to study the bearing as a whole, which resulted in the slow calculation of radiation noise. An improved dist
Titanium alloy has difficulty in turning, and cutting efficiency is lower. It is easy to deform in processing because cover parts have thin-walled and poor rigidity. It makes troubles during processing of titanium alloy cover parts. Based on the structural characteristics and technical requirements